US Anti-China Rhetoric Fails to Impress

Piggy Pompeo’s oinking and squealing European anti-China tour did not go well, as I reported recently.  Here is XinhuaNet’s nation-by-nation report.
“Xinhua Headlines: Pompeo’s China-smearing rhetoric not well received in Europe”.

How embarrassing for America.

I need not add anything to that report.  It speaks very clearly for itself, but I will just mention that it also references an important report by Foreign Policy made back in March (“How the world will look after the coronavirus pandemic”) which features the views of 9 ‘experts’ (you will, I think, be given one opportunity to read it for free – don’t waste it). Most revealing.

All the correspondents provide interesting opinions but one of the contributors in particular offers the view: “The United States will no longer be seen as an international leader because of its government’s narrow self-interest and bungling incompetence.”  It seems that no-one in the US government read the prophetic piece back in March.

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