Is Russia Turning Turkey?

Has Russia gone missing in Syria?  There is no mention of any Russian activity in recent days to assist its supposedly allied partner, the Syrian government, in its struggle against a Turkish invasion.  Other than the sending of two missile ships of the Russian navy through the Bosphorus, that is.  I don’t see what help that will provide.

The situation in Syria is thankfully at least partly described by long time sympathiser with Syria, US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, in this video which calls on the US government to stop supporting the brutal Turkish regime of Erdogan.

I don’t want to see a full scale war in Syria, that nation has suffered enough at foreign hands for far too long already, but that is what is needed, not just threats or peace talks or political settlements, to quell this Turkish expansionism.

Gabbard talk about US not getting involved in Turkey’s war with Russia. Unfortunately, at this time there is no war between Turkey and Russia. 

Just where does Russia stand?  And are they a reliable ally?  Those questions are up in the air at the present time, and much depends on how they are answered.

As both a Russian and Syrian sympathiser myself, and a long time admirer of Vladimir Putin, it pains me to ask these questions. But this is how it looks from the outside. A response is required. A no response will be very telling.

Of course, if the only visible response is a unilateral withdrawal of the Turkish military, that will also be very telling.

“Tulsi Gabbard: Say no to getting dragged into Erdogan’s war with Russia” – The Saker

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