Iran’s Accurate Missiles Stun US

“The AngloZionist Empire vs Iran: a discussion of the recent events”

This assessment is a couple of days old now but it contains details that the people of the West need to be aware of but will not see in their usual media feeds.  The Iranian missile response on the American air bases in Iraq was much more precise and damaging than first thought, and would have given the US military good reason not to continue or further annoy Iranian authorities.  The US administration made a wise decision, but Trump of course, being Trump, made a ridiculous statement about Iran ‘standing down’ and the US ‘prevailing’.  The man is an idiot.

Some surprising facts emerge, which I find no reason to repeat.  Read the article. I will just display this Saker comment:

“Clearly, the Iranians are very proud of their capability to conduct true precision strikes with an accuracy every bit as good as any Russian and/or US missile.”

What emerges very clearly from this is that the US can NOT win any conventional war with Iran on any justified, in terms of cost/damage inflicted/returned, basis.  Iran can absorb and survive anything the US can throw at it, including any first strike capability.  The reverse, in terms of local and regional US interests and consequent reputational/economic damage is not in any way true.  I think the US already knows this. That does not mean of course, that they or those who get to make their decisions, are sufficiently mentally stable not to try.

I’m going to indulge myself here by showing a video embedded in the Saker article and previously posted by the FARS News Agency, to reinforce what I just said.

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