“When Did a Bee Ever Send You An Invoice?” – Quote

Why do endangered flies need to be imprisoned in a small area of bank-owned habitat surrounded by industries set up on land that has for aeons been the fly’s habitat?  Industries that have bought shares to ‘protect’ them?

It’s the financialisation of nature, and it is the most heinous of all the crimes of mankind.  Perpetrated by the industrial/economic system of the past 150 years in its endeavour to maintain its existence and its hold over mankind – its creator, captive market, and indentured servant – for as long as possible.

Read this article and watch the movie ‘Banking Nature’ to see how desperate we and our industrial/economic masters (‘owners’, in fact) have become.   

Watch: ‘Banking Nature’

What happens when our abuse of nature through commercialisation and the reduction of its pricelessness, to a marketable price mechanism, can no longer work?  Is no longer productive? Can no longer provide the needs of a growing population with growing hunger, thirst, and other necessities of life? 

Putting a price on nature is but one example of the wrong kind of green.  But I think it is too late now to change that.  Even if the whole world, right now, decided en masse to stop buying anything – any industrial or commercial product – thus terminating the whole industrial/economic system, which only exists because we buy its stuff (no market – no system), the damage so far is now too great to maintain the world of man, as we know it today.

We can’t do that though, can we?  Turn around, en masse, to revolt – even to save ourselves from a prospect much worse?

You don’t need to answer that.  It is an impossible hypothetical.

It will happen.  The situation will resolve itself.  Of that we can be certain. But not through any human decision making process.  Nor through some miracle of technology.  And certainly not to the benefit of mankind’s current view of civilisation.     

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