Trump ‘Towers’ while Dem’s House is ‘Slytherin’

“Donald Trump impeachment hearing hears Ukraine aid was necessary not to appear ‘weak’ in face of Russia” – ABC News Australia

It is so difficult to comprehend the depths of depravity and lying filth into which the US Democratic Party has descended in its woeful, disgusting attempts to get rid of an equally and habitually disgusting but legally elected president.

Leaving aside all their hypocritical and fanciful arguments, in fact leaving aside the whole putrid and worthless thing, there is only one point, one lie, that I feel must in all conscience be addressed – and that is this:

A) There is no negotiation of a peace treaty between Ukraine and Russia because there is not any war between Ukraine and Russia – except perhaps in tiny, unidirectional and delusional US minds – which would require the negotiation of a peace treaty.  There is not, and has never been, even any low-level hostility between the two neighbouring nations which could possibly be described as a shooting match. There have not even been any cross-border incursions other than a few abortive attempts by Kiev forces to enter Russian Crimea by land and sea.  

B)  As a direct result of there being no peace treaty, or even a need for one, the assertion that Ukraine requires US assistance – of any kind – to not appear ‘weak’ in its discussions (there are discussions) with Russia, is totally invalid. In any case both Ukraine and Russia possess intimate knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and any assistance that the US is capable of providing, or would be hands down willing to provide to Ukraine – should push come to shove – would not tip the balance measurably in Ukraine’s favour.  So, really, what’s the point?  Really.  What’s the point? 

The US, at this stage of the game – especially the Democrats, through their  ignoble chosen leader at the time (and his corruptly self-serving deputy, Biden) – have literally no remaining ‘face’ to save.  No matter to what disgusting depths of squalid practice they and their ‘House of Slytherin’ are willing to descend into in vain attempts to do so.  And Trump, bless his childish little heart and his ‘bigly’ underdeveloped brain (highly attuned to self-preservation but low on morality or the awareness of consequences of using devious methods to worm his way out of badly conceived traps of his own or other’s making), had nothing to do with that disgrace.

If only they, all of them, realised or even raised their eyes for a moment to glimpse the horrid mess they are conjuring, not only for themselves but for their entire country by their indescribable actions.  I suppose each of them thinks, or I hope they do, that they are doing what is right.  But my God (if I were to acknowledge such a thing – it’s simply a saying, like any other), can’t they somehow be made to see the error of their ways?  Or is America, and the rest of the world, and our civilisation, and tens of thousands of years of our history and all of human experience to be brought to an end as all of us sink, infected by the same level of madness as they demonstrate, plunging us all into something I do not have the words to describe – but it is not anything good or anything any rational person would wish for themselves?  Because that is the direction in which we are travelling.     

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