Island Dreaming

“Tokyo plans to bring peace treaty talks with Moscow to new level”

Whatever has Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe been smoking?

He is living in a dream world, far away from reality if he thinks that Russia is going to hand over to Japan the southern Kuril islands that were incorporated into the Soviet Union at the end of WW2, irrespective of whether the Soviets agreed in 1956 to do so after a peace treaty, ending WW2 between Russia and Japan has been signed.

No such treaty has yet been signed even though both sides are actively seeking the benefit of such a closure. Nor is there any prospect of a treaty being signed until Japan drops its stipulation on the ownership of those islands.

Not mentioned in this TASS article – whether that is of any significance I don’t know – is the fact that earlier the Russians have said that they would not even consider a change of ownership of those islands while ever there are foreign troops (surely meaning, in particular, US troops) stationed on Japanese territory.

So, dream on, Mr Prime Minister.

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