Curbing The American Beast

We all knew, did we not, that the Americans are born liars and cheats, dabblers in the dark arts of subterfuge and deceit, driven by a lower-brained aggressive animus of self-ordained exceptionalism – and entirely untrustworthy, accusing everyone else of using exactly the unscrupulous methods that they themselves employ?

Russia is of course fully aware of those things and, led by President Putin, continues to work toward the security of its national sovereignty in light of those things, and for the benefit of the world in general.

The American beast must never be allowed to overrun the world.  The rest of the world must work together with Russia to ensure that. 

I think we are winning.  They show increasing signs of desperation and of being rattled. 

Putin Doesn’t Hold Back! President Calls Out US For Constant Violation of All Arms Treaties!

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