The ‘Hiroshima Principle’ – Explained

So now we have the Russian side of the story of the American air strike on Idlib last Saturday.  It reveals that no prior warning was given to either Russia or Turkey, revealing or rather cementing the cavalier, dangerous and infantile US attitude to everybody else on the planet.

“The US airstrike on the de-escalation zone in Syria’s Idlib, which came in violation of all agreements and without preliminary notification of key powers fighting terrorism in the region – Russia and Turkey, was delivered in order to first of all, show that Washington is not planning to reckon with anyone else and second, that it keeps an active role in the Syrian process,” Kosachev, who chairs the Russian Federation Council (upper house) Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote on his Facebook page. 

Kosachev has branded this as a classic US “Hiroshima principle,” when the key target of a demonstrative attack is not an enemy, who has been basically defeated, and civilians suffer more from the strike. The lesson is directed at other US opponents, the direct attack on whom isn’t worth the effort, but the goal here is to show who “runs the house.”

Damn them all to hell – not that hell exists, but if it did it would be standing room only full of Americans.  Why do we even put up with them?

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