The Sky Is Falling

I’m a Doomsayer. I am happy to be known as a Doomsayer because, well, what’s the opposite? Blind Optimism? Head-in-the-sand Ignorance?

In my view, nothing can, is going to, or ever will, remain the same – for long. And over a long life I have observed, and both science and logic tell us, that things intrinsically deteriorate over time and can not possibly improve or get better.

So, Doomsaying is based on observation. It is not speculation. On the other hand, the expectation that things will remain the same or actually improve is entirely based on speculation. That things will continue to deteriorate is axiomatic, which is another way of saying inevitable.

The only question hanging over the heads of Doomsayers, is timing. Eventually we will be proven to be right. I think that time is now on our side, at least, but not only or exclusively, in the field of Human Civilisational Collapse.

One pointer to that is the imminence of Global Economic Collapse, spearheaded by Western Economic Collapse.

I know of no clearer exposition of that than this 18 minute YouTube video, which I urge you to watch and which I came across through this article – ‘The Sky Is Falling’.

The choice, of course, is yours – Head-in-sand Ignorance, Blind Optimism, or the opportunity to be ‘Forewarned’.

Let me make this clear – this is not in any way a financial service advertisement or an offer of financial advice, as so many of these type of videos sadly tend to be. It is just plain, clear, talking.

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