London Fears…

Linked TASS article: “London fears Russian ‘super quiet’ submarines operate unseen in British waters”

‘London fears’ – As Western nations navigate themselves into bankruptcy and ever unpayable debt burdens, fears are bound to grow that those who despite having restrictive economic sanctions imposed on them but somehow manage to continue to grow in stability and confidence, will move ahead of the game in terms of defending themselves against Western aggression. 

It’s just the way things work. A natural progression of how different paths of decision making produce different results.

Projecting fear, projecting aggression, projecting superiority, is a costly business. One that leaves little extra capacity for keeping the population happy and productive for very long at the same time as sinking the national wealth into those other projects. Resulting in an eventual economic paralysis and an outdated capacity of a nation’s weaponry to continue to uphold the regime’s projected position of superiority. That’s when the only recourse is to use economic sanctions – the only remaining but ineffective tool in the policy toolbox – because there is a limit to how unhappy and unproductive you can allow your people become before other, internal, problems start to arise.

Such a path also leads to a state of complacency, allowing nations that have followed a different path to catch up and overtake debt ridden economies, producing fear of the unknown in them – and an uncomfortable struggling with how they are going to handle the situation they find themselves in.

That part of the process is what we in the modern world are waiting for to unfold in real time.

I don’t think it is going to be a pretty thing to see – or take part in.

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