Floods and Fires…

I more or less gave up blogging here some years ago, opting instead to blog, yes blog, on Facebook and more recently (2018) on V-Kontakte (VK), a Russian social media platform. Everything I have blogged since that time I have blogged first on VK and then exported that to FB and occasionally to here. I have now given up with FB, at least for now. The reason that I stopped blogging here on WordPress is that it is too complex and time-consuming to get something that looks right. However, I just got the idea that I could ignore all the trimmings and just copy my VK posts here. We’ll see how that works out for a while. Here is the first such copied post, originally published 2 Aug:

Floods and fires are a regular cyclic climatic phenomenon. We all know that. We all know to expect them to occur at certain times of the year in certain parts of the world. We might even expect some variation in the natural rate of occurrences of such phenomena as climate forces naturally vary over time.

But when over a period of four decades a variation in the rate of floods and fires in one part of the world (and possibly in many parts) grows by something like 300-400% we should be wise enough to not only realise that this can only, or would most likely, be due to some exacerbated climatic variation but also to ascertain what the cause of that exacerbation would be.

Russian meteorologists have partly done that by identifying the increased rate of change, but have failed (at least as reported here) to unequivocally identify the source of that change. But they have said that the rate of these events will continue to increase in the future – which tells us that they actually do know what the problem is.

Many government climate bodies have demonstrated the exact same reticence to clearly state the problem, due I expect to the policies of their government’s which inevitably contribute to that problem.

Let me state this clearly – since I have been diplomatically hedging around the subject here (which is unlike me to do that) – any government which espouses continued economic growth as current and future policy for its nation (and let’s face it, every single one of them do that, including Russia), is part of and a contributor to exacerbated climate change (as I have said many times for years now). 

I suspect they would all also continue to follow that policy even if their government buildings were in imminent danger of flooding or being burned to the ground around them.

So, what’s the point of it all, really? Well the point is that every single global economy is going to crash and burn as a direct result of this foolishness or from other co-related effects that mean growth economies can no longer functionally operate, and will therefore cease to exist.

So, what’s to be done? Groannn…. Sighhh…. Surely that’s obvious? Unpalatable, uncomfortable, horrifying even, but absolutely, gob-smackingly, obvious.

Linked article: “Irkutsk floods, Siberian fires linked to climate changes, says weather service”

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