The Dark and Pervasive Evil Being Fought in Ukraine by Russia

To quote the legendary movie actor Michael Caine (Sir Michael, if you prefer) through one of his more well known and often repeated lines – ‘Not many people know that‘ [A great pity he took a wrong stand (as did so many others) in support of COVID vaccines].

It is quite true though that not many people seem to be aware of just what is going on in Ukraine over the past year. To read most western media, including, and maybe the most vehement barrage of lies by the Australian ‘so-called’ news sources, you would think that Russia is the epitome of evil itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is evil in this world, dark and pervasive evil, which seeks to subjugate and destroy humanity – after becoming of no further use of course. But that evil is not centred in Moscow – nor even in Kiev (though that city has it share, which the greater evil has fostered and nurtured into some grotesque and monstrous entity that is itself pure evil). Moscow, on the other hand has revealed itself as the centre of all that is light and good – though evil in fact lurks everywhere in some form or other.

So, we know there is evil, and we also know exactly where its lair is to be found – or at least the entrance to the lair. Like most things born of darkness, they are mostly hidden in deep dark places, the entrances to which are painted to appear a bit more wholesome than they really are. And so it is with the most rank and foul of those entrances, which are visible as the halls of US political, corporate, financial and military power. Enter any of those dens of iniquity and you will never emerge the same person as when you stepped inside. Many are the good persons who serve as examples of that process of metamorphosis. Good people turned into anti-humans by the brush they have had with the resident evil which is at the heart of that system.

It must be realised that nothing the US led west does is for the benefit of anyone else, including the vast majority of westerners. Nothing they say can be trusted. It is all lies. Everything. It is not possible to negotiate or make agreement with them because they lack all honour and possess no integrity or conscience. They are egotistical narcissists and psychopaths. Their every action, as they readily admit, is to lie and cheat and steal. And they can do that, in all conscience, because they believe they – personally and uniquely – can do no wrong. Russia, China, and a host of others, have wasted so much time trying to change the way things are, to mold, coax, and persuade the west to a better way, before realising (only recently – and some may not have yet come to that realisation) this is a hopeless waste of effort and that total disconnection with the west is the only way forward. Plus the consideration of the destruction of the west if that proves to be necessary to end conflict.

And so, now that you know all that, everything in the world – not just what is going on in Ukraine – will be seen by you in a totally different light [assuming you have not already been so tarred by the same brush of evil programming as the folk who work the system – in which case, I fear it is probably too late for you, as I know of no cure].

Escape, if you can, while you can. The light of truth reveals all with so much clarity. Like me and so many others around the world who have not been tainted by western thought and programming – or who have found a way out of that through personal experience (I wonder if any of those stories will ever be told), you will be able to see current events exactly as they are. And, like us, you can cheer Russia on to a resounding victory of absolute necessity – and the formation of a brand new world of peace, cooperation and personal and national sovereignty. And like us you can look forward to a life of enriched personal experience and openness, free from western suppression and all those other undesirable aspects of yesterday’s world you have struggled through in recent times.

Read: ‘Russian soldiers battle evil in Ukraine that reared ugly head from forgetting WW2 — Putin’ – TASS

That article covers only a little of what I have talked about. I hope to have expanded the boundaries of thought by what I have written here. There is much more that could be said, but you either already see it, will come to see it, or you won’t.

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