Reunification Is The Name Of The Game

…and it will now become a matter of some urgency, as China-US relations sour beyond recuperation.

Wiser heads prevailed, and despite the sneering and the self-aggrandised trumpeting of the likes of Andrei Martyanov – who becomes ever more obnoxious in my view as time goes by – the game is not yet over. In fact it is just beginning. A one-off showdown event was never likely to be the Chinese way (but like firework shows, would have been momentarily spectacular), and so the US octogenarian politician Pelosi has yesterday set foot once again (she attempted a demonstration in Tiananmen Square some three decades ago) on Chinese soil – whether she is aware of that or not. This, without permission, and for non-altruistic purposes, is enough of a trigger to spark action by the Chinese government to surge ahead with the reunification of their country.

And, of course, the ‘lady’ (I am acting on principle here) is still there in Taiwan, set – by all accounts – to address the legislative assembly, or whatever it is called, today and departing (I think) tomorrow – Thursday.

Chinese military forces have the island surrounded on all sides and will begin exercises – including live firing – from Thursday to Sunday. So, the initial opportunity for a petulant display of anger having been allowed to pass and the US foul deed having actually been allowed to proceed, and a probable cooling off having been effected (resulting in some dissipation of media interest), there is ample time by the end of the week for China to take the more positive steps of launching something much more tangible to ensure there will never be another repeat performance of the US vaudeville scene just witnessed. Something will happen. Of that I feel certain. And the grandest part of that design is that if there is any preventative US intervention of any form, it will be they who are responsible for what ensues.

I will just add that Russia has today informed the world of its readiness to assist China militarily, if requested. I don’t think China would be in need of such help but it must give the combined west – who are in obvious awe of current Russian military strength and capability (signally afraid to confront Russia with any show of force) – good reason to think twice of taking on China on its own territory.

China is not weak. Neither is she reckless. It would be a disastrous mistake for the west to consider China’s actions, or inactions, any other way. Read this statement put out by China’s MFA today…

Statement by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan‘ – Xinhuanet

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