Important News on the Liberation of Ukraine

I have, since the commencement of the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine and even further back to the 2014 US organised coup there which led to the declaration of independence by the two Donbass republics of DPR and LPR, maintained that the only peaceful resolution of the disgraceful US intrusion into Eastern Europe affairs and planned NATO expansion which began even before that date, would be a partitioning of Ukraine somewhere along the middle, with the eastern and southern regions either becoming independent states or part of Russia. That is even now, eight years later, becoming a reality.

More recently, I adjusted my thoughts in the clear light of recent events, to say that western Ukraine would be split between Poland and Romania (Hungary, I now add , will also get a small share). The only part remaining of the old (pre-February) Ukraine will be the current Kiev district plus perhaps (only perhaps) one or two of the neighbouring oblasts. All else is lost to that country which, instead of being the largest, will likely become nearly the smallest European nation.

How is this to be done? Well, by the Ukrainian people, as they become liberated themselves and able to form brigades of trained soldiers capable of freeing their own countrymen (with Russian and Donbass allied assistance of course).

This is already happening. A fresh brigade of Ukrainian soldiers, trained and equipped by Russia (I presume) and therefore fully capable of carrying out the task (unlike the poorly NATO trained current Ukraine military). They are forming in the Kherson region ready to liberate Nikolaev and then Odessa. I wish them well.

I have known about this for a number of days now, but it is only today that this video (shown on the Saker blog) has become available – although it is dated July 23. A new phase of the Special Operation is about to begin.

‘News about the newly-formed and trained Odessa Brigade’ – the Saker blog

Ukraine is collapsing. It is not known how long the Ukraine forces can still operate in some more or less organised form. It cannot be long. The US is losing interest, knowing the inevitability of the eventual outcome. And NATO will follow. But no surrender by Ukraine must be accepted by Russia until a complete capitulation by the combined west is agreed. And that, just to be clear, means a withdrawal of all US forces from Europe and the disbandment of NATO – with an agreement never to form a military alliance on the continent again. Then they might eventually get to join the greater Eurasian community. If they want to, that is.

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