Pelosi Given “No Chance to Challenge China’s Sovereignty”

One way or another, we may have seen the last of Leader of the US House, Nancy Pelosi.

If tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 2, 2022, she, as the Leader of the US House, attempts to land in Taiwan – for whatever reason (including emergencies) – on her way home from a provocative Asian tour, her aircraft will be shot down or, if safe to do so, will be escorted to China.

I suggest it may not only be left to the Chinese to carry out this threat – and it is a threat – but some US agency like the CIA might just find reason to muddy the waters by doing it themselves in order to provoke a US-China war. But I also feel sure that this time China will act independently and with sufficient force and intent to carry out their threat that Pelosi “will be given no chance to challenge China’s sovereignty”.

In the case of a real emergency, China has provided a list of Chinese mainland airports where the aircraft could land if necessary. So there is no necessity for her to go to Taiwan. Nor does she have any authority to do so. The US has played the game once again (as they did in Ukraine) to the end of the rope. This is a Chinese Red Line and she had better not cross it.

So, I have to face the possibility that my country, Australia, could be at war with China by the end of Tuesday. There is only one good thing that could come out of that. The complete demolition of western hegemon. Plus a whole lot of death and destruction of course.

See this article from Global Times, below. Search for ‘no chance’, ‘forbidden zone’, ‘red-line’.

China is completely ready for this. They have bided their time long enough. It is time for the reckoning.

‘US, world key figures warn Pelosi against risky trip, as her Asia itinerary has no mention of Taiwan’ – Global Times

Of course the US could simply back down, but I’m not sure they know the meaning of that.

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