A Day is a Long Time in the Life of a Busy Foreign Minister

Well, it seems Mr Lavrov found time yesterday, July 29, a very busy day in his life, to talk to US Secretary of State, Blinken. But, from reports, it seems the Russian FM had much to say of his own, rather than simply discussing prisoner swaps. A number of reports during that day indicated the position on the much sought conversation by the US changed from – would be unlikely to be held yet – to – it actually having taken place during the day. A quite curious situation.

Downstream of the report linked below, you will find a number of other reports – which now do not merit a url of their own – describing the day in reverse order. Make of it what you will.

Anyway, it seems the US did not receive the answer they were so desperately looking for (otherwise they would now be crowing about it) but copped an earful of polite but firm resolution as to Russia being intent on achieving all its goals in Ukraine – a much more important discussion point for FM level talks, although the indications are that it was more of a one-way discussion.

‘Lavrov told Blinken about Russia’s plans to fulfill all the tasks of the special operation in Ukraine’ – VZGLYAD

‘Ours is not to reason why’ the bizarre nature of diplomatic events. ‘Ours is but to’ read the damn reports – and to muse on who is screwing with who.

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