Reunification Is The Name Of The Game

...and it will now become a matter of some urgency, as China-US relations sour beyond recuperation. Wiser heads prevailed, and despite the sneering and the self-aggrandised trumpeting of the likes of Andrei Martyanov - who becomes ever more obnoxious in my view as time goes by - the game is not yet over. In fact... Continue Reading →

Bullied No More

I'm not going to pretty up this post. It needs to be raw. The times demand it. The United States can no longer afford to display arrogance and aggression internationally.  Two giants, Russia and China are standing solidly in the path and, while both would quite obviously like friendly relations with their American counterparts, neither... Continue Reading →

Australia, The Wayward Child

These days I try to only post on items of high importance in my view.  It doesn't always turn out that way but that is the intention because, well, we live in very dangerous times, as many will find (and many have already found), by surprise, to their great cost.  But these are times where... Continue Reading →

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