Bullied No More

I’m not going to pretty up this post. It needs to be raw. The times demand it.

The United States can no longer afford to display arrogance and aggression internationally.  Two giants, Russia and China are standing solidly in the path and, while both would quite obviously like friendly relations with their American counterparts, neither will permit further US bullying.  The time for such uncouth behaviour is now over, for ever.

The US, weakened now by its own stupidity, is on the back foot and pretty much on the nose everywhere else.  The nation would be well advised to wind its neck in and settle down.  I don’t think that is going to happen, they are still too drunk on their own rapidly evaporating vapours.  I feel sure it will take a proper humbling and a total collapse of their power to bring that about.  Don’t worry, it’s on the cards for this current playing hand.  Wait for later this year to see things move, but it is going to take some time to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction.

Americans are becoming aroused and fed up with being played for fools by the maniacs in power – the same bunch of maniacs who have controlled the game for some years now, across and above or behind both political parties.  It’s ending, I can feel it.  And with the current hollow and vacant leadership team, it cannot last for much longer. See this TASS article thanking Americans who have shown support and regret to Russia’s Ambassador to Washington recently for their government’s rabid pronouncements and actions:  ‘Russian ambassador thanks US citizens for letters with apologies for Washington’s moves’ – TASS

And then there is the weak effort of the US administration to insult China at the Alaska talks, where I am so pleased to see that China, no longer the bullied country of 120 years ago but now contender for biggest economy in the world with more than 4 times the population of the US and well represented militarily, as is Russia – either of them now the equal of the much overrated US military, arguably in all aspects. China, to continue where I left off, placed on standby its normal polite and reserved rhetoric and adopted a strong position at the talks, effectively turning back on their assailants the illegitimate barbs thrown at them from the US side.  See this article, and you will find many others equally supportive (I just selected one at random) from the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, Hu Xijin – ‘China, US have good quarrel during Alaska talks’ – Global Times

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