US Coalition Must Leave Syria – They Have Now Been Warned

The Jig-Saw pieces for the next move in the ongoing US terrorist operations in Syria are beginning to fall into place. At this stage I am going out on a limb a little way but I believe that Russia is about to show that it means business by driving US and NATO forces illegally operating in Syria (for more than 11 years now) out of the country. And I don’t expect to see much in the way of resistance to those moves, should they occur. I suggest this is part of the military-technical solution Russia talked about in regard to its security proposals. Will this be just another ignominious retreat for the west? And will such a move be reflected also in activities in and around Russia’s Western borders (Ukraine, et al). For the west, the jig appears to be up. Time to stop the dance and go home, for those who still have one.

So, what’s the evidence for this?

Well firstly, a contingent of Russian Naval assault vessels arrived in the Russian navy logistics base at Tartus, Syria earlier this month, loaded with what has been described as ‘stuff’. This is not the first such shipment of ‘stuff’ to arrive there. It’s purpose? Unknown. Especially so as exactly what the ‘stuff’ may be is also, as far as I know, unknown. I think it is doubtful they would only be carrying ‘fuel, drinking water, and foodstuffs’. They are war ships, not supply ships.

This was reported Feb 5…

‘Russian Naval Ships Arrive at Syria’s Tartus’ – Asharq Al-Awsat

And this from TASS, Feb 4…

‘Russian naval ships arrive at Syria’s Tartus in large-scale drills’ – TASS

Then there are the warnings yesterday to the US coalition forces by the Russian ambassador to Syria to get out of the country.

Ambassador to Damascus urges international coalition to leave Syria – RIA Novosti

…in which he says “…the forces of the so-called “international coalition” led by the United States has no legal basis – in the form of decisionsThe UN Security Council or the consent of the legitimate Syrian authorities – and must be stopped immediately. Moreover, the United States is clearly not coping with the task of fighting terrorism in Syria.”

And this, also yesterday…

The US presence in Syria hinders the elimination of ISIS*, the Russian Ambassador said – RIA Novosti

And this today..

‘Power vacuum in US-controlled areas in Syria nurtures terrorists, Russian diplomat says’ – TASS

The Syrian situation was also raised at the UN by Russia’s ambassador there a few days ago.

So, the sheer volume of statements of position and intent, whether in the forum of the seat of international discussion, whether by electronic communication reports, or by the movement of military hardware, is in itself sufficient indication that something is afoot. And while the world concentrates on a black hole in the centre of Europe, into which everything from westward appears to be falling, Russia and China, their friends and allies, merely smile and carry on with their own plans, unperturbed by all the fuss.

A response of a military-technical nature does not necessarily have to occur exactly where it is most expected. But yet another unseating with yet another ignominious forced withdrawal from an illegally piratical imposition of occupying forces, in a long running but unexpected hot spot of Russia’s choosing, ordered at gun-point by overwhelming force to pack up and leave, may just be the ideal way to prove a point, leaving with red faces those so ejected. Couldn’t think of a better plan myself.

I may be dreaming, but the indications are there, except for the timing. But nobody is suggesting it may actually happen right now. The Beijing Olympics are not going to last for ever and a day. And yes, I am aware that these Russian naval vessels have moved on, I understand, to the Black Sea for the next stage of their ‘large-scale’ drills, but at some stage they have to return from that arena to continue their journey to other parts of ‘the world ocean’ – which could mean another stop in Tartus, could it not? Filled with more ‘stuff’? …and then of course I could be completely wrong. I am merely suggesting possibilities and do not possess a crystal ball or have the ear of someone who might know more. But, whether or not, this is something I would dearly like to see. A complete twist and diversion from the ‘European War’ narrative to something more useful.

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