Leaderless and Crumblin’ – Today’s America

“V. Putin Ain’t No Corn Pop” – JH Kunstler

Damn right he ain’t.  And looking into the eyes of pretend president, Joe Biden, in search of the soul of America will find only an empty space where that soul, if ever there was one, has left the building.  Only an empty shell, manipulated by powers unseen, remains.  What do they call that?  Is that zombyism? 

On the other side of a different coin, Mr Putin – a real President and a real Man – a man of substance, honour, heart and character, has the measure of the empty shell of the new America, which presents no aspect of fear for him. Nor should it for anyone else still in possession of their faculties.

The empty shell of American integrity is, even as we watch, crumbling into its basic constituents and that is not a pretty sight.  What will remain?  That still remains to be seen.  But whatever, wherever, and whoever it is, they will have to come to terms with the rest of the world as equals, not as some supposedly superior race, pre-destined – in whatever constitutes its own mind – to rule the world.

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