Something to Ponder

I’ve said recently that I find nothing much of importance in current events.  The issues that matter are not generally up for discussion.  Trivial things like pandemics, elections and trade, occupy the global mind and of course the perennial East/West war which thankfully has so far been restricted to words and thoughtless, bad-tempered, perhaps even fearful name-calling and spiteful acts of pubescent goading by one of the scuffling parties, too engrossed in and blinded by their own ‘bigness’ – which is fast shrinking.  Hence the fear.

And it is that last movement – the fading ‘bigness’ – which I think makes for something worth thinking and talking about just now.  The article below, by  Salman Rafi Sheikh for New Eastern Outlook – “The US is Alone in its ‘Trade War’ on China” – captures the moment quite adroitly and ably serves it up for your and my delectation.  I hope you enjoy.

There is nothing there that is false, overstated or misleading, to my mind, but there is a warning to my country, Australia, and any others still inclined to tug at the US skirts, that such action might be to their detriment in the near future.  There is also a warning to the US to review its obstinate stance of self-glory (or is that perhaps now turning more toward self-preservation – a more existential matter – I have my doubts) and instead turn in another direction towards something that has a more human touch and an air of truth, justice and peaceful coexistence about it – while there is still time – if there is still time.

This post, you may have noted, represents a slight change in direction to my previous one, penned late last night, on a related matter  😉

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