Beauty And The Beast

It appears that Russia is not alone in organising to have its Foreign Ministry represented, as spokesperson, by a woman of natural beauty, intelligence (under the word’s primary and proper meaning) and possessed of a cutting wit.  China too has such an appealing and rational female asset occupying that same role, in Hua Chunying.

And just like in the case of Russia, foreign governments through their Press Corps are always trying to demean, undermine and misrepresent Chinese activities and motives.  Well, in Hua Chunying, just as in Maria Shakharova, China and Russia can more than match the hotbeds of foreign intrigue that are the organisations of foreign correspondents operating in their countries.

Take this story for example:

“‘Low-grade brainwashing’: Journalists react after China Foreign Min. puts foreign correspondents on the spot” – HKFP

…and perhaps this:

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