Coups and Uncleared Messes – Sole Business of US State Dept.

“The Deep State’s Deep State Department”

This is Pure Gold from Kunstler. Even I can understand it, though I suppose I do have a little informed background (from personal research and interest) in most of the affairs it covers – Ukraine, Maidan, Russia, the 2016 elections, Trump, State Department, and all the squalid muck that still swirls and twists around that, most of it emanating from the bowels of deep state sources, percolated through the tarnished nozzles of US media garbage barge exhaust pipes.

Russia is only in there of course because deep state muck-rakers and their troll minions still quite astoundingly believe that Russia is a good target for their manufactured muck to stick. Quite incorrect. These days Russia deploys a teflon mirror to reflect all the sticky deep state muck and mud back onto those who conjure and throw it, while remaining squeaky clean itself. Of course the muck-covered muck-rakers can’t see that.

I don’t have anything else to add. I could, I guess, repeat all Kunstler’s words here, but I am sure you can click or touch your own way to the original. You won’t regret it.

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