Giving the ‘Blue Dot’ the old ‘Black Spot’

So, Australia, true to its track record, opts to participate in yet another disaster in the making – the US/Japan concocted and cockeyed ‘Claytons‘ scheme (a scheme you have when you are not having a scheme) called ‘The Blue Dot Network’.

The scheme is doomed to failure due to its ridiculous conceptual basis – which would require the participants to split the world on yet another East-West fault line in a vain attempt to out-manoeuvre and out-build China.  An impossible task on many levels but especially since China already has more than a head start and possesses a land link to almost the whole world, whereas all Blue Dot participants are (perhaps they haven’t yet noticed) all either islands or hedged about by oceans which cut them off from that same world when – as will soon be obvious – large scale ocean-going transport of goods or people will become a thing of the past after climate change, dodgy financial practices, mismanaged economies and a host of other ‘forcings’ result in global societal collapse.

Haven’t heard of The Blue Dot Network?  Don’t worry, neither had I until today and while the idea has provided me with some temporary amusement, having read the article below I don’t expect to ever hear about it again – except perhaps when it is consigned to an unmarked resting place in the Hall of Dumb Ideas. 

Just to make sure of that, I present the concept of ‘The Blue Dot’ with the award of ‘The Black Spot’.  

“What is the Blue Dot Network and is it really the West’s response to China’s Belt and Road project?”

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