A Major Moment In History?

“Global financial markets may be in the midst of a major moment in history”

Whether anything can be done about it or not, we need to be aware of just how shaky the world’s finances are just now – and going forward.

When you can’t make money by saving, but you can by borrowing (provided you can pay it back), that is a thing of deep concern.

That is already happening in some parts of the world and the rest of the world is heading towards that. It is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t buy debt, in whatever form. And especially in government bonds.

As this report says:

“Where all this ends is anyone’s guess, but this is not sustainable.

Everything we ever knew or thought we understood about finance gradually and with little fuss has been turned on its head.

History in the making? Maybe. Uncharted territory? Absolutely.”


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