Turkey or US – Who Is Chief Devil?

Pacts with the devil never work out.


So, it is reported by SouthFront – I haven’t yet seen any other reports so this may be jumping the gun a bit – that the US and Turkey (whichever of those two, or both, you view as the devil) have come to an agreement on a so-called ‘Peace Corridor’ (where have we heard that before?) in North Eastern Syria, 30-40 kilometres deep – presumably on the Syrian side of the border.

My own personal devil, the US, has according to this report backed down on its requirements for said corridor, granting Turkey (whose devil-hood for me still hangs in the balance, by the slimmest of threads) all of its requirements.

Not that any of that actually means anything, because, as this quote says quite plainly: “Last year, the U.S. and Turkey reached a very similar agreement on the key city of Manbij in northern Aleppo. However, most of the agreement’s terms were never fulfilled by Washington and its allies. This could be the case with the ‘peace corridor’ agreement.”

Why do they bother?  Why can’t there just be a proper fight between ‘friends’ to sort out who is chief devil?  There is certainly no love lost in that relationship of convenience.  But it does appear reasonably clear now who is the devil with the mostest, the one that has the upper hand there …and devils with the clout to be top devil don’t need to be the ones backing down.  Though if you say you are backing down but then walk away from that, ignoring the issue, does that count?  Well, it counts when we are reckoning honour and trustworthiness …but we expect devils to be disinterested in such matters as that. 

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