Nuisance Value Of CIA Dirty Laundry

Over 100 bank accounts frozen in money laundering case against Navalny’s foundation

So, the darling of the West, the guy that Western media love to promote as the persecuted Russian opposition leader who is periodically thrown into jail for unauthorised street demonstrations in Moscow – and is guaranteed to be the Russian citizen most featured on Western folks television screens, is actually shown to be a crook involved in money laundering – much of which, I would suggest comes from CIA funds.  Of course I have no proof of that, but it fits the standard CIA operating philosophy for undermining foreign powers as part of the US government’s interagency Country Team approach. 

It’s a US methodology that doesn’t seem to work any more anywhere, other than being of nuisance value.  But that’s what happens when something becomes an expected form of behaviour to fit all cases.  Don’t they think that folks are now well aware of how they operate?  And that that knowledge, together with a strong sense of right, provides avenues to counter those activities?

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