A Tale Of Two Philosophies

It is a tale of two philosophies. 

Two philosophies that are mutually incompatible. 

And it is playing out in the not insignificant matter of security of shipping in the Persian Gulf.

On the one hand there is the US philosophy of renegade, vigilante style action, through the formation of a gang, or clique if you prefer, to police the area on no legal basis whatsoever.

On the other hand there is the Russian philosophy of “dialogue and coordination of efforts” through UN auspices, of a UN sanctioned, international protection group.

Russia, which takes over as chair of the UN Security Council in September, has broached its plan to that august body and is awaiting a decision.  Apparently this has generated some interest as reported by TASS: UN may discuss Russia’s proposal on security strategy in Persian Gulf — diplomat

It is an obvious case of global significance as to which philosophy prevails here. 

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