From Political Interference To A Growth Into Maturity

Another case of US crazy megaphone policy of interference in other nation’s business.

On the cancellation of talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said (TASS):

“We are concerned about irresponsible statements made by US officials who say that the time for dialogue has passed and it is time to act. Any attempts to exert pressure and continue the policy aimed at whipping up tensions reflect the United States’ desire to play the role of ‘an ultimate arbiter’ in the world. It is necessary to put an end to that through joint efforts by all sober-minded politicians and responsible governments.”

The Venezuelan government justifiably called off the talks due to the opposition hailing the US statements of aggression.  But the talks must resume at some stage.  It’s the only sane way.

On this the Russian Foreign Ministry has further said (TASS):

“It is regrettable that the aggressive unilateral measures of the government of another country against Venezuelan citizens are hailed by opposition politicians in Venezuela who are apparently ready to sacrifice the prospects for normalizing the situation for the sake of their own ambitions. We are certain that there is no alternative to dialogue between responsible political forces. Any other scenario is the path to chaos with unpredictable consequences.”

If only America would stay out of global affairs, or perhaps better still, grow up and show something of the same level of maturity that Russia does.

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