What’s The Good Of A One-sided Ceasefire Agreement?

A ceasefire agreement was put in place starting on 21 July for the border areas between the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in the Ukraine Donbass area and the area controlled by the Kiev government.

The ceasefire lasted for less than two days, broken by units of the Ukraine armed forces who have continued to shell areas of the Donbass region despite the presence of OSCE truce observers. 

Not a word of this, as far as I am aware, has been reported in Western media. It seems this is the conflict the world wants to forget. For detailed reporting of Kiev violations from the Donetsk side see the DAN News site.

There is a limit to the patience of the leadership of the Donbass republics in the face of such violations. This TASS report, not the first on this matter in recent days, declares that such patience as there is is being stretched to the limit and the ceasefire agreement, which now exists in name only, will justifiably be ignored by both sides.

Only better and more effective policing by the observer force will hold it together for much longer.

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