Please Stop Looking For What Is Not There.

“Climate Change is not a problem with a solution,” says Paul Kingsnorth.

Let me repeat that. “Climate Change is not a problem with a solution”.

So, why is humanity, or sections of humanity, wasting their time looking for one?

Renewable (so-called) sources of energy are not a solution.
Electric cars are not a solution.
Recycling waste is not a solution.
New types of light bulb are not a solution.
Eating less meat is not a solution.
Investing your money in eco-centric funds is not a solution.

There are no solutions.

Please stop looking for what is not there.

All of those ‘non-solutions’ that we are so busily working at right now are simply different – new and shiny – ways to continue with exactly what we have always done. They all require a continuation of industrial society to accompany their use, which effectively negates any possible usefulness they may have. 

We can not stop climate change. Accept it. There is nothing that you or I can do about it.

Even if we all died today (which is the only way that we could possibly stop contributing to all the things that are and have been driving climate change for at least the past century or more) the forces that are changing the climate would still go on doing so, possibly for decades and taking conditions over that threshold point where the Earth can no longer support a species that walks on two legs and is preoccupied with living in a society based on money and industrial activity. Oh, there may be a few of us left at the end of this century, scrabbling to make a basic life in small groups in far flung corners of the globe – but that is all we can expect. You and I won’t be there. Nor will our children. Perhaps one of our grandchildren might.

Eventually, nature I expect would and will restore a balance. It is doubtful if the Earth ends up like Venus. Another ice-age would come along at some stage, perhaps even in another millennia or so. But there are unlikely to be any, or very many, humans around to witness that.

Thanks to Bev Courtney of ‘Foodnstuff’ blog for the video link

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  1. Good Afternoon, Bernie, You’ve been on a roll lately and we’ve enjoyed your emailed posts.  I’d like your permission to repost this on our site, which is Titanic Lifeboat Academy (dot) org. 

    I think you and I may have already corresponded, but not certain you’ve seen our newest site iteration (2018), whose focus is exactly what you’re capturing below. Our journey is quite similar to yours; we just started a few years later. 😉 The big picture, living simply and close to Earth, getting the most from each day left, and sharing the finer things – excellent writing, wit, and expose – with others of like mind – these are where we focus.

    Please give us your permission to repost (obviously with credit + link back) or let us know if you have any objections. The sun is shining this afternoon in the GREY Pacific Northwest:  Be well! Caren

    PS:  TLA is a 501c3 educational nonprofit. Our “GuideStar” Profile, if you want to check out our nonprofit is

    Caren Black Educational Editor,

    1. Hi Caren,
      Yes, of course you may repost my work. I feel that anything put up for public display should also be available for public sharing. You need not ask again.

      I have briefly visited your site and found far too much for me have the time to digest just now, but enough for me to decide that you have a worthwhile thing going there, and have bookmarked it for future reference.

      Thank you for your interest in my off-the-cuff remarks.

      I will also add a link to your site on my VK page here:

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