The Enemy Of My ‘Friend’ Is My Friend

Or, stated another way – The Friend Of My Enemy Is My Friend. Either way it’s all a bit twisted.

I was about to post on the latest Turkish threat to soon begin military operations in North East Syria but, having read this article from Sarah Abed, a much greater authority on all matters Syrian than I, I will let her do most of my talking in this post from her The Rabbit Hole blog: 

Erdogan Announces Military Operation East of Euphrates To Push Back Kurdish Militias, US Urges Him to Reconsider

I will just add that while this is not a new or first time threat from Turkey’s President Erdogan, the fact that he has also stated that if Turkey failed to act now it would later “pay a high price”, as reported by TASS here: Erdogan vows to launch new military operation in Syria soon – gives added credence to the current determination by Turkey to make good on its threats this time around.

This opens up a very interesting situation of the possibility of two NATO states both on opposite sides in a conflict with the sworn enemy of one and the ‘ally’ (if that is the best term for the relationship) of the other. What could go wrong?

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