The Most Important and Pivotal Speech Recorded in History

I simply offer this as a public service. It concerns you. So, whether you have read, watched or listened to it previously or not, you should (I’m not demanding or begging – it’s a matter of personal decision) read it now, or again.

This english subtitled video, followed by annotated transcript, are provided by the Saker at very difficult times for him personally (home wrecked by hurricane Ian – which also explains the one-week delay), and while I don’t personally agree with Saker on many side issues (mainly his overt religious stance) there is nothing here I would not endorse.

Well, there is one thing I want to mention, and it is a phrase Mr Putin also used. The concept of ‘Satanism’. There is no such thing nor the personage of a ‘Satan’, representing pure evil. I agree there is such a thing as ‘pure evil’ but that is the basest nature of man, and cannot be re-assigned to some convenient ‘scapegoat’. We are it. And while most of us try hard not to be that, some of us relish and revel in being ‘it’.

But, all that aside, this is not what this is all about. So, ignore that if you can. Simply read, or watch, or both. This is life-changing, perception-changing, stuff. And it is addressed to all. That includes you.

‘Putin’s September 30, 2022, speech – a commented reading’ – The Saker blog

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