Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

The nations which have most to fear from charges of human rights violations are always the first to level false accusations against innocent other nations. You would think they might learn to keep quiet on the issue, but of course they are not that clever to figure this out.

And so it is that once again such falsehoods have been raised against China by western neer-do-wells. Well, once again the plot has failed, and this time spectacularly so, in the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva no less. A majority of nations have strongly rejected the attempt. Wouldn’t this be an embarrassment for the western slack-jaws? Well it would if they were capable of such emotional response. They are in fact becoming accustomed to a position of isolation on the world stage, with an ever diminishing circle of so-called ‘friends’.

It grieves me that my own nation of Australia was also in on the wrong side of this scummy event. Shame.

I think the only other statement I need to make is that it is good to see that China has friends. There are good reasons for that …and equally good reasons for the west’s decline from global popularity.

‘US smear tactics against China’s Xinjiang Region fail — MFA’ – TASS

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