The New Global Era Needs A New Common Currency

I’m so pleased that Pepe Escobar chose to interview as ‘The Cradle’ in his latest talk with Financial expert Michael Hudson. This is another story of West versus The Rest, where western grip is also fading away.

I cannot vouch for what this says since I have no expertise in finance but what little I do know of these matters tells me it says all the right words, conveys all the right ideas, includes all the right international nodes, and generally concludes just as I would want it to do. And that is the best recommendation I can give. It reads quite easily too. And best of all, it means final death to western hegemony, the neo-liberal global economy (haunting place of the stranglers – IMF and World Bank), and the consequent subjugation of people’s not strong enough to withstand crushing dollar dependence. You’ll want to read about that, won’t you? See link below…

The only alternative to imposing economic austerity on themselves is to withdraw from the dollar trap in which US-sponsored “free market” economics (markets free from government protection, and free from government ability to recover the environmental damage from US oil companies, mining companies and the associated industrial and food dependency) is to make a clean break.

‘Michael Hudson: A roadmap to escape the west’s stranglehold’ – Pepe Escobar – The Cradle

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