The New World Order in the Making

The world, you know, that place shaped as a sphere, where you and I live, somewhere, mostly on the one third of its surface not covered by water – and it doesn’t or should not matter wherever that may be – that world does not want or need to be governed, ruled, oppressed, or dictated to by any form of unipolar world order.

I don’t need to define what a unipolar world order is, do I? Ok, well, put simply, it is what a small section of the world, or at least that very small class of folk who have empowered themselves to speak for that very small section of the world, have been trying to impose on the rest of us – including their own peoples – for the past 80 some years. They have failed utterly, as they were always going to, because the idea only existed in their own tiny minds. It was never a practical proposition. That failure, although it is now perfectly obvious, is still clung to by those folk. They can’t seem to realise their cause is lost. And this is why we still have continuous wars and oppression of the weak by the strong. Don’t worry, it won’t last much longer. Russia’s operation in Ukraine to shore up its western flank against the demented attacks of the demented unipoletariat (Russia growing stronger economically every day as a result), together with the ever rising growth of the influence of China in the world, will ensure that result. As a growing number of independent and sovereign nations are beginning to see and accept.

But just as a unipolar world order is entirely objectionable to most, a multipolar world order would be equally unpleasant to those who live in the shadows of the two or more polar towers. Unless those shadows can be erased by the formation of a more or less level playing field, undetermined by size or wealth. A ‘poleless’ world, so to speak. You can, I hope, also visualise that as being so. Why should there be poles of any sort, or number? Are we not all equal as members of nations, great and small? Does our number, wealth, or the advantages/disadvantages of the place we live, put us above or below any other group? ‘Of course not’, should be the reply.

Well, thankfully, one of the most powerful voices in the current world, the leader of the Russian people (a nation now thought of as one of the new potential world poles) has just voiced those same sentiments. Well, I shouldn’t ascribe words to him that he did not say, so what he actually said is quoted below. And I feel sure that the leader of the Chinese people (another potential world pole) would also undoubtedly echo those thoughts. This is good. And it augurs well for the future of mankind. May it become so.

The obsolete unipolar model is being replaced by a new world order based on the fundamental principles of justice and equality, recognition of the right of each state and people to their own sovereign path of development.

Vladimir Putin sends his greetings to the participants, organizers and guests of the VII Eastern Economic Forum

I read this with gratitude today. It is very humbling and also reassuring that we may at last be heading towards a better world – all other things being unequivocally brought into balance. At least it appears that better judgement will prevail into the future. It gives us something to work for and believe in. And, my goodness, don’t we need that so much just now?

‘Putin predicts unipolar world to be superseded by model based on sovereignty of nations’ – TASS

I could balance the enthusiasm I have displayed here, with warnings of unpredictabilities, failed examples of the past and the vicissitudes of human nature, but can’t we just be happy and hopeful for a while with thoughts of what may be accomplished?

I’m sure those of us with children and grandchildren would entertain that wish.

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