Pull Up An Inflection Point And Sit Down

I have no idea where this is going to go. There has been no pre-planning for this post. Well, actually there is little pre-planning for any of my posts. I get an idea, or I read something, which I feel might be beneficial for people to know and/or for me to express my thoughts. I don’t even usually have a particular audience in mind when I write. And it mostly has to be completed in one sitting, which precludes pre-planning – or it doesn’t get published (as my more than 80 unfinished drafts would attest).

So, I stopped and thought today. There are so many stories I could write about. So many good stories, that to write about any one of them seems to be futile as a representative subject for the times, and I don’t have time (or the energy) to cover everything.

The one thought that came to me about all this, all that is happening in the world (and I am only concerned with global level events – my life is such that I no longer need to concern myself – generally speaking – with personal matters), is that everything is already settled. There is an inevitability about what is going to happen, as a function of what has already happened, modified perhaps by what is currently taking place. All we have to do is wait, and watch. Perhaps I should personalise that a bit, by saying “All ‘I’ have to do is wait, and watch”.

It is as though everything is set in stone, and will occur more or less in the time-slice (or ‘space-time-slice’) as we can almost see it ‘scheduled’ to do. It is just a case of wait and see. I am reminded of the line from the Desiderata which says “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should”. A concept also espoused by lines of research in Quantum Theory.

If we look backwards across time, it is easy to see that one thing followed another, and everything is connected in some more or less linearly causal way – with undoubtedly a great many different causal connections. And, even with our admittedly somewhat clouded vision, we should be able to envision the general line as to where events of the recent past and those currently in progress, are eventually going to lead. I don’t mean in the sense of the futures markets, which are nothing but short term gambles on not very sound bases for the most part. Nor in the sense of planning for far distant space adventures, as some are doing, on equally unsound principles which may never come to fruition. But based on a consolidated and realistic vision of the past, projected onto the sanity and substance (or insanity and unsoundness) of current progressions, we should be able to see something of the general direction, if not the precise outcome, of what will be the likely bullet points of our joint future. At least a little way ahead.

For instance…

No. I am not going to provide a ‘for instance’, as that would turn this post into something resembling most of my other posts. So if you want a ‘for instance’ I suggest you look back at some of those posts and see that they derive, from some current or past situation, a potential future outcome. Very few of them, if any, are simply moans and whinges about what troubles we are currently engaged in. At least I hope that is the case.

No. I want this post to be a kind of ‘inflection point’ which gives readers the opportunity to step back and take perhaps a broader view, a scan if you like, of the bigger picture, in light of what I suggested here. An awakening perhaps to see something of how we got here – remembering that if we are not careful (and if it is not destined to be so) this may be the very twilight of humanity we are living in. To clearly see what is going on (what the drivers and forces are [and if you really don’t have a clue on that, to perhaps take up the offer to look back through my posts and any links they provide to the writing of others]), and to hopefully generate something of a more detailed perspective on where our world of so many different peoples, with differing ideas, hopes and fears, responsibilities and desires, is going in the months and years ahead.

The world needs you to do this, especially if you are young enough to be future-affected, and to put your weight and energy behind those drives which are destined to beneficially steer our barge through the unsettled waters of time we will surely face from here onwards.

I think, since it might be helpful to some, I should reprise a post from March 2020 – Solace and Guide


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