China Takes It To A New Level With US

‘China demands US to cancel arms deal with Taiwan’ – NewsFront

I wish that were so, but it seems to be only non-Chinese media rhetoric at this stage. As far as I know, China has only issued ‘urges’ and ‘strong calls’ from both Foreign Affairs and the National Defence ministries but no ‘demands’ – at least openly. But tensions are building and China’s patience is surely growing thin. There are continual provocations by the west. Take this event yesterday (July 18, 2022)…

“Trump’s defense chief visits Taiwan for further arms lobbying, with prospect of fat ‘welcoming fees’” – Global Times

There must soon be a positive response from China. As Russia soon breaks out of Donbass, and eventually, if necessary, also out of Ukraine, they may be helped by strong responses from China in relation to Taiwan. Whether that be movements by force or simply preparations for that eventuality.

So many things are happening, and so fast this year. It seems 2022 will go down in history as the year the world took a new direction.

China too, now sees this, and the quiet dragon begins to clear its throat for the roar that will soon be heard around the world.

The combined west, the US in particular, already reeling from recent setbacks and hobbling economically on groggy legs, is at its weakest point in more than a hundred years. Desperately short and in need of, well, everything, and finding its traditional support base both distancing itself and stiffening its resistance and resolve to the west’s threats and impositions – lapdogs excepted of course – the US is in no position to effectively combat such a challenge to its self-assumed authority.

The time is ripe for the world to forge a new management strategy not built on past principles but on principles of trust and cooperation among many nations.

That change is already under way, the start bravely initiated by Russia. With ‘no turning back’. China must now see itself as being strong enough to also make a stand and to find the confidence to take a more positive role in that challenge. I agree with that case wholeheartedly. In fact it may be now or never, very soon at least, for mankind to alter its destiny in a good way by seeing the subversive, disruptive and dominating elements of our species, subdued and defanged. It will not be an event which comes before its due time. The world has lost much through pointless misdirection. Especially over the past century.

But… it appears that, as that time evolves, we will have to live through a period of turmoil. Perhaps such as the world has not previously seen. The powers that be will not go down easily, as weak as they currently are. Victory is secure, but sacrifices will need to be made. Is the world ready for that? Great nations believe they are. And through the dynamic results they are sure to produce, many other nations will quickly ally themselves to the cause, I believe.

With the new resolve China is now showing, we may not have long to wait before the struggle breaks out of the constricted arena of Ukraine to inflame other parts in the greatest turnover of the ages. This is what I have longed to see for many years. There is no peaceful way. No other way but short, sharp violence, which will hopefully bring an end to such. Although human nature being what it is, that can never be guaranteed.

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