Movements of Historical Significance

James O’Neill, an Australian-based former Barrister at Law, who writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”, has penned a fine piece covering the major issue of the day and which I have been focusing on for some time now.

‘The Looming New World Order Challenges United States Power’ – James O’Neill for NEO

There is no doubt that we are living in momentous times of a historic significance that has not so far been recognised by many. Of course, the recognition of such events is not easy while they are in progress because we tend to view the past, which in due course will include the present, only as it is recorded in the future. This ‘rear view’ vision is exacerbated today – and perhaps always has been – by the tendency of the common modern man to simply live for the here and now, with little or no thought for the past or the future. That is not a criticism of modern man because the task of living has been, is now and perhaps always will be, a struggle for existence in a world which does not owe us one, and perhaps does not even much care whether we live or not, or how we manage that task.

Those considerations are what lies behind every effort and activity of mankind on a personal, ethnic or national level. And when such individual or group activity seeks to take advantage in that struggle over perhaps smaller and weaker peers, that often results in conflict of one sort or another. Or, at the very least, in the unfair treatment or exploitation of minorities. Unchecked, it also leads to a ‘top dog’ situation. We have come to know that as a ‘Unipolar World’. It means that there is a single ‘peak’ centre of focus, or a single ‘pole’ to which are magnetically attracted all wealth and power.

Having explained that in a few simple sentences and with uncomplicated words, I now know that you know exactly what I mean, even if you had not previously achieved such awareness for yourself. I am also convinced that you can also see that is exactly the kind of world we have been living in for some time now.

There is, thankfully, an alternative to that world – at least before it gets firmly established. And that is the world of which James O’Neill speaks. It is a world of many ‘poles’ which, acting together in mutual respect, with rules of fairness and cooperation with and for all, can mold the world of man into such a beneficent future (always taking into account the inherent natural dangers of maintaining any kind of life on a planet, itself subject to the dangerous nature of existence in an untamed universe).

We already have such multiple poles. Three of them (plus the one seeking exclusive sole power). They are (not in any particular order) Russia, China and India – with several others in formation, such as Iran. These three, or four, or more, being ethnically diverse and covering the numerical majority of existing mankind rather than some egotistically self-overrated unipolar minority.

So, if these major groups can get their act together, and they are already united by such venerable organisations as BRICS, the SCO, and all under the UN banner, and all with good reason, based on a long and diverse cultural history, they could ensure this brighter future for all mankind.

Isn’t that something historically significant? Can you see the potential for that? Can you recognise the wisdom of helping that world into existence, instead of fighting it on behalf of a selfish and unworthy minority? Then make your voice heard – while you still can and while you still have one.

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