A Review of the Day’s News

Wow! After the climax of Mariupol on Thursday, yesterday was a ‘bleh’ news day with nothing worth reporting coming my way, other than an astonished silence from the west plus a few more weak and irrelevant lies. But today? Wow! I’m not sure I can fit it all in, take it all on board, and find the time to send it your way. But let’s try, eh?

First, my opinion of what has become of Paul Craig Roberts recently – after featuring some of his work over the years – has turned to seeing him as a tired old man (well, I’m one of those too, I suppose) who has lost his way and can’t think straight any more (that’s definitely not me). Either that or someone else is doing his writing for him. Well, it seems I am not Robinson Crusoe with holding that opinion. None other than Dmitry Orlov has announced similar thoughts in a recent post, thankfully published on the Saker blog, because Orlov tends to work behind paywalls these days (so I don’t get to see what he says much):

‘Does Paul Craig Roberts like Genocide?’ – Dmitry Orlov, featured on the Saker blog – well worth the read as Orlov shines the lantern on what Russia is all about today – far superior to PCRs sloppy drivel.

Next up is something to explain the position regarding the rats holed up (locked down) underground in the Azovstal steel works which I may, in my excitement over the occasion, have made to sound as they were being left to starve to death – a fitting end for most of them, but not really the Russian way of sorting things out. A TASS post tells it better. You didn’t really think the Russians were so inhumane, did you? The plan involves white flags, but of course if no white flags appear, that signifies the trapped actually want to starve to death. But that would be their decision. Read it for yourself…

‘Humanitarian pause to begin when white flags are raised at Azovstal — Russian military’ – TASS

Finally, though the day is still young, a report from Indian Punchline which came to me via a friend, on the subject of “The UN Security Council extraordinary event on April 6 under the rubric ‘Arria Formula Meeting on Biological Security regarding the biological activities in countries including Ukraine'”.

‘Migratory birds of mass destruction’ – Indian Punchline –  by M. K. Bhadrakumar

This is perhaps the most important news item, not only of the day, but because of its effect on the whole of humanity. It tells the story of the diabolical work of the United States to threaten all mankind with death and disease, delivered by various means including by the remotely controlled payloads of migrating birds. This is the objective of all the unbelievable number of US medical research laboratories scattered all over the globe but particularly in nations surrounding Russia and China. The plan is totally evil in nature and if anyone should be locked up underground to be forgotten and to suffer starvation, it is these demented bastards who control and support such activity and also the technicians and professional medical staff who work in those laboratories and who devise the means to deliver death and disease to all.

The truth is that any and all disastrous events which have befallen mankind, anywhere, and in whatever aspect of life, over the past 80+ years at least, can be laid at the feet of US policymakers and the enablers of their exceptionalist ploys to bring about world rule for themselves without a single care for anybody else. No amount of personal suffering would be excessive for these evil bastards. And it should be noted that the current actions by Russia are specifically to bring an end to their abominable practices. A noble exercise which we all should be endorsing and helping to bring to swift implementation so that we can all breathe freely and without fear the good air of planet Earth – at least from fear of those things which arise disastrously and originate from among ourselves.

There, I think that will do for now.

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