Moving On To Fresh Fields Of Glory

I make no apologies for revelling in Russian victory in Mariupol. This is the kind of story the world needs to see.

I caught this snippet on the VK site of General Staff Portfolio. Find it at this link: – image below.

Not many words, but significant meaning. And these videos are something else but unfortunately I can only find them on VK, which may not be viewable by some readers (of course if you have a VK account you will be fine).

‘Somalia’ battalion, I think is a famous DPR militia unit, and these happy soldiers played a significant part in the liberation of the city and are now being usefully redeployed. To where? Don’t ask me.

The story is also more broadly told on the Russian ‘Top War’ site as ‘The Donetsk battalion “Somalia”, which participated in the assault on “Azovstal”, leaves Mariupol’ an article which also contains a shorter video available on YouTube.

It is too late at night (early morning) for me to edit this piece properly. I need some sleep.

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