Mariupol – A Turn Up For The Books

Only a couple of hours after I posted my previous post – Up To Date In Mariupol – it turns out that I was a little premature. The big news has only just – an hour ago (and only minutes ago published on TASS) – emerged.

President Putin has declared the liberation of Mariupol and has ordered the storming action by Russian troops to cease. Instead they are to block up all possible entrances and exits. Woweee!

Forgive me for interpreting this, possibly falsely, but the logic follows that anyone left inside – no matter their origins – is being left to starve to death (or maybe will be gassed). This is my conjecture, but can you come up with any other idea?

Listen for the screaming of the west about this.

A very solid reason has been given by the President. He does not want any more deaths (and there would be many) among his soldiers as a result of cleansing the underground network of tunnels the enemy now occupies. Better to clear out their bodies later, for steel making to resume. I agree. It is a pity for any civilians who may still be held captive there but a soldiers life is equally as valuable as a civilian’s. It is not the fault of Russia that this has come about but that particular stigma can be laid directly and indirectly at the feet of the US/NATO (and their leaders) – neither of which may survive this conflict.

And to those who say that this is a war that no-one can win, I say, just keep watching Russia prove them wrong. This is an existential war – it just happens to have started in Ukraine – and it will not end until Russia has fully safeguarded its own future – and with that also the future of the non-western aligned world.

In my excitement I almost forgot to give the references for the two TASS posts announcing this event.

‘Putin lauds liberation of Mariupol as success and its liberators as heroes’ – TASS

‘Putin orders to cancel Azovstal steel plant storming in Mariupol and block industrial zone’ – TASS

Added after publishing:  I’m just wondering if this announcement is just to see what reaction there is from the west.  Will they beg for the lives of the NATO ‘VIP’s they have embedded in with the Azov rats and have tried so hard to rescue on numerous occasions? 

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