Western Colonialism Will No Longer Be Tolerated In The New Free World

The west needs to catch up with its learning program of qualification for nations to membership of the new free world. Membership will not be automatically conferred. An approved application will be necessary, so as to preclude unruly and disruptive behaviour.

Western nations were obviously missing or not paying attention during the recent lessons where it was clearly taught that they are no longer permitted to get away with insulting and/or bullying other sovereign nations as preparatory action to regime change. They still need to learn also that they should mind their own business and nobody else’s, but try their best to get along in a friendly and cooperative manner with all other member states.

Some remedial lessons may yet need to be scheduled for those applicants not demonstrating an acceptable attitude. Russia, China, and a number of other nations, all of which have learned the hard way, can provide the tutelage.

The bullying practiced in the situation of the Solomon Islands is a perfect example…

Image is from article linked below

‘New cold war neocolonialism: West threatens Solomon Islands over China alliance’ – Multipolarista

My main concern is that the west may be incapable of learning. What then? Well, a first step might be to engage in a little program of isolation for them. Let them see what it is actually like to be on the receiving end for a change. But with the poor state of their crumbling social order and their collapsing economies, all we may have to do is wait for the situation to solve itself as western nations split into smaller, ineffective, units of population, unable to do much harm across the globe.

As a last resort, a program of de-militarisation, de-nazification and de-zionisation might be necessary. A good example of such activity is ongoing in Ukraine just now. The pattern has been set.

I speak as a citizen of the west, fully cognisant that some harsh lessons are likely coming for my own nation somewhere down the track. Having itself begun life as a colony, subject to an historical power, one would think the nation would know better than to indulge in such activity itself. But I hear no strong objections raised by the populace against any recent such events of national volition. Events which are disguised as humanitarian aid under the umbrella of ‘backyard’ security and protection.

Tut-tut. Disgraceful.

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