…and the next lie is… “Putin agreed to keep payments for gas in euros”

…and the truth is… Putin agreed to nothing of the sort.

What has been ‘agreed’ – or ‘allowed’ – think of it whichever way you prefer… is that Germany, and other European ‘unfriendly’ nations may buy Rubles with their Euros, and then pay their gas bills with the Rubles.

Isn’t that a kind of win-win for Russia? Not if you read DW, but I prefer to live in the real world.

It’s a win-win for Russia because Russia get to sell Rubles to its ‘unfriendly’ neighbours. Yes you are permitted to smile. And then those same Rubles come straight back to Russia (presumably at a fair or favourable exchange rate), the whole process being virtually guaranteed. Russia wins, hands down. The unfriendly west cries into its beer, and wishes its people didn’t burn quite so much gas. The people of the unfriendly west don’t care. They get to stay warm and able to move about for business, work, and leisure. Until the next crisis at least.

I suppose I must provide the source of this story, unpalatable as it is…

‘Germany says Putin agreed to keep payments for gas in euros’ – DW

European nations and other ‘unfriendlies’ are now committed to helping stabilise the Russian currency – if they want to continue receiving Russian hydrocarbon products, for which they have zero alternatives, that is. I could have said this now makes Europe Russia’s bitch – but I try not to speak in such terms, so I won’t say that.

As a final point, has it not occurred to any of the countries on Russia’s ‘Unfriendly Nations’ list, that there is a simple way to get around the need to pay for products in Rubles? They could work to redeem themselves in Russia’s eyes by simply altering their behaviour which, after all, is all that this is about. Russia is teaching a lesson in proper international behaviour. Well done Russia. These ‘unfriendlies’ are either not thinking straight, or not thinking at all. But, note well all Europeans: Those making decisions on your behalf can be replaced, democratically, by others of slightly more sound and balanced mind. It’s your call.

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