No Matter How Often Plainly Stated, The West Just Doesn’t Get It

Continually, time after time, no matter how plainly stated Russia makes its position (and it does seem to be a Russia-West thing. I don’t see this happening so much in other spheres), the west throws all responsibility for whatever decisions need to be made back onto Russian shoulders. A complete reversal of responsibility. We can only conclude from this that the west is utterly irresponsible – incapable of taking responsibility for anything on any subject. It is an entirely back-to-front, topsy-turvy way of looking at the world. And in this case, in this situation, it just will not do.

Here’s the problem…

‘Russia has to choose between de-escalation and confrontation, US diplomat says’ – TASS

No, no, no! Russia does not have to choose. Russia has carefully deliberated at length on the matter and has already chosen a position. A position which requires action by those on the other side of the equation. To make matters easier for those bewildered folk, Russia has done the leg work to produce a document which they simply need to ratify. It is all rather simple. And the matters in hand are also rather simple. Even a child could understand. OK, it might take a fairly intelligent and well-read child who hasn’t spent most of their life so far glued to television or digital screen games. This does not apparently include US, and European diplomats (notice I didn’t include UK in that – they are not really in the picture any longer), who repetitiously failing to understand what is required of them, simply throw the problem back on Russia. This time it will not do. That response is not going to prevail. Not that I think Russia will make a lot of fuss about accepting that as ‘the’ western response. In fact I think they are fully expecting such a response to occur. What other expectation could they possibly have, given past experience of dealing with the same fools?

No. Russia will sadly have to take what they were expecting to be served up to them, as calmly and gracefully as possible, masking their regret at the situation.

The west will be overjoyed, thinking they have won ...until one day, perhaps not announced, though my gut suggests that Russia will politely provide a last minute warning of some sort, unless action is triggered by some pre-emptive action of western interests to test the waters… When Russia will, at a time of its own choosing, make good its plans to establish, in perpetuity, every single one of its earlier proposed security measures. And, no, it will not require a unilateral invasion of Ukraine. Russia has said so. And Russia does not lie.

That day, whenever it comes, will provide a sight to behold. It will be thorough. It will be quick. It will be devastating. And it will be complete. There will also be nothing the west can do to prevent, overturn or upset it. A ‘fait accompli’, as the saying goes.

The west, if it still exists, will just have to come to terms with their new-found, relegated situation.

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