In Kazakhstan, The US Empire Has Once Again Been Greatly Humiliated

A week or so ago when the news of the attempted US orchestrated coup in Kazakhstan began emerging, I said that it was a vain attempt to divert attention from the Ukraine situation and the western nations being put on notice by Russia that it would no longer tolerate western aggressive moves and presented a list of imperative demands to redress that situation. A move which obviously set the West back on its heels.

I likened the Kazakh move to the US instigated colour revolution in Ukraine in 2014 – the last successful such operation, probably for ever. Subsequent similar moves in Syria and Venezuela have signally failed to produce desired results and now, due to the swift Russian led CSTO intervention, the latest such attempt has also been quickly foiled. Still the US keeps attempting to upset and disrupt largely peaceful independent nations to desperately cling to what diminishing influence it may still possess in global affairs. But there is a lot more going on which no-one has so far revealed

There has been more, much more, going on behind the scenes of these unwarranted western intrusions than even I suspected. I know of no better voice of authority on these matters, particularly in this region of the world, than that of Pepe Escobar, and his latest story is no exception. This is a must read if you want to also understand those hidden currents and obtain a clear picture of which global leaders have their finger firmly on the pulse of human intrigue and which are just blindly interfering bunglers.

‘After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over’ – Pepe Escobar on The Cradle – January 12 2022

The 2022 events in Kazakhstan have foreign fingerprints all over them, and represent a developing Central Asian fight between two distinct opposing poles.
Photo Credit: The Cradle

It is also fast becoming clear that the days are numbered for the US empire having any credible voice in the field of global affairs. The empire will soon find it necessary to look to securing its own borders and managing what goes on within that space.

There is already talk, some of it hinted at over recent years by myself, that millions of Americans will need to migrate somewhere else, perhaps very soon, but unconnected with anything expressed in this particular post. And it will not be exclusively Americans looking for new places to dwell. More on that another time.

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