The EU (a representative cohort of ‘the west’) Excels At Ambiguity

This story is oh so typical of any western representation from any quarter of that deplorable ghetto of humanity.

‘Borrell says establishing more effective crisis management mechanism with Russia needed’ – TASS

Did you read it? Did it invoke any form of emotional reaction in you? No, I thought not, although a little anger would not be amiss or out of place. It is just so many dead words, forming dead thoughts from the dead minds of so many absolute dead-heads, including Josep Borrell who wears some fancy title having something to do with the EU and foreign affairs. What would he know about anything important?

It remains an undeniable truism that the west, in all its inglorious forms and organisms, will do anything – and I mean ‘any thing’ – and in any situation at any time, to avoid facing the only current issue which really matters. They expend so much energy and effort in avoiding issues that they have no remaining time at all to use for doing real stuff. Is it any wonder that they, all of them, representatives or citizens of whatever nation or organisation of the west, never achieve anything of value and are to be seen clearly now, all of them, in such a state of disfunction that they, and all their decaying structures of civil life, will not be able to remain standing for very much longer.

One more thing before I close. Even if they (the EU, extrapolated to include all of the collective west) somehow were to be granted their wishes for the establishment of all the ‘measures’ and ‘mechanisms’ they so ardently pursue, it remains another undeniable truism – so well expressed by someone in the reliable and intelligent Russian diplomatic service, paraphrased as – The west simply cannot be trusted. Anything they say and any signed agreement they make is not worth the paper it is written on.

How can you get through to such dead-heads that you are done with and will have no more of such things unless they are legally binding (which I suppose means they are enforceable by some higher entity with legislated and severe punishments for relevant offences).

In the absence of such agreements, then the party seeking such assurances is left with no alternative other than to make its own deliberations as to how it will ensure it gets the results it needs.

It becomes absolutely clear then that when dealing with the dead-heads of the west, who are entirely incapable of making any form of reality based commitment, what must happen next.

The ‘what’ is already known by those who need to know, and any self-informed person can at least catch the gist of that, though it is doubtful if all has even been revealed so far.

Only the ‘when’ is unknown. Except perhaps to those who need to know.

The west should know, and fully consider, that prior warning of the ‘when’ may or may not be given.

The time to consider those things is not when they actually happen, but now, while the window of opportunity is still, for a brief moment, open. Does the collective west have the ability to recognise that? Or are they so caught up in ‘the forms must be observed’ and futile plans to respond to situations that may never occur – like invasions of worthless territory. Their small-scale thinking and limited capacity for the bigger picture will not serve them well – and could see a lot of them needlessly eliminated.

While I am a westerner, by birth and to my great shame and regret, I can see who holds the high moral ground on this issue, and I am fully in their corner, whatever takes place. It will hopefully produce a better and more peaceful world – eventually.

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