This Is Only The First Phase

Recently I posted on global deaths as part of my report on current population data. I made the point that there is apparently no evidence that the COVID pandemic has caused any perturbation whatsoever in the global death statistics over the past two years – the total annual number of deaths being slightly lower than in normal years, in an environment where it would be expected for the death count to slowly rise due to an ever growing population.

A figure of some 5.5 million deaths have been attributed to COVID worldwide – a figure that is possibly and variously held to be widely inaccurate, on the high side, a) to exaggerate the count and b) as a weapon of fear to foster the real reason for the pandemic – $billions in vaccine dollars – this has been achieved by illegally attributing deaths from many other causes to emphasise the ‘danger’ posed by the pandemic. Even were the figure correct, that would be an average of 2-3 million deaths a year so far – hardly noticeable among some 58-59 million annually.

What has not been counted and therefore shows up in no open statistical reporting, anywhere, are the deaths arising from application of unauthorised (and do not try to tell me they are) and totally untested (for true efficacy) vaccines. Let me tell you, because I have seen the evidence – not all in one place, because it remains obscured (why?), and revealed by various quality researchers worldwide (particularly North America and Europe – the most affected areas by COVID). Various nations operate their own systems for COVID adverse event reporting – in the US (VAERS), the EU (EUDRA) and the UK (MHRA). It is not easy to extract the data from individually reported cases – which is how they are logged – and the rate of reporting in any case is said to capture only something like 10% of actual events. I have also seen a 1% capture rate mentioned. I don’t want to give an actual figure because it will undoubtedly be misleading, but I think it fair to say that tens of thousands of deaths have been recorded after COVID vaccination (and that only among Western nations – is it not a problem elsewhere?), that figure potentially growing to an estimated 400,000 in the US alone. The actual could be much worse.

But that is not the whole, or even a major part of the bigger issue arising from the obscenely hasty drive to get unknown content fluids into human bodies. The bigger picture, from the same reporting sources and other anecdotal whistleblower reports from inside the medical profession (where else would be more reliable?), announced with great personal risk (professional and often personal) to the brave reporters. All together it seems that several millions of people have suffered some form af adverse effect from being injected – most often, initially, within the first three months of taking the needle. Many of these effects are catastrophic to the victims physical and mental well-being and lifestyle, and many are deemed to be permanent injuries.

But let me make this further claim. At the moment it is only an unproven claim, but it comes from some very well qualified medical sources – who have also bravely risked career and life by speaking out. The contents of the various COVID vaccines (no matter the brand) – which have also been termed to be bio-weapons – are said to be gradually working to subvert the body’s immune system while also perhaps in the same process (I’m not a doctor or medical professional, but rely on the evidence of others who are) are altering the basic structure of ‘Covid Victim’s’ (a general name by which the ‘vaccinated’ will shortly become known) RNA/DNA and effecting possibly strange mutations within their internal organs. If this proves to be correct – and I have little doubt that it will – it will begin to emerge much more strongly in vastly increased death rates, in all likelihood preceded by horrendous internal injuries and external mutations – the very least of which will be sterility (which may already be beginning to show).

We have seen (it is now being revealed) the first phase of physical repercussions in the form of death and injury arising from a diabolically planned global rollout of bio-engineered and weaponised (against humans) injectable fluids, loosely and dishonestly described as ‘vaccines’. That was the First Act. The true Horror Show will play out on the world stage over the next several years. There will be not so many people around after that.

I realise that will be very hard to take in, especially if you are among those who have never heard such possibilities exist or even considered that your government and medical officers would put you in such a despotically engineered position. But money talks – you know that much at least.

Now you may understand why will never subject my body to the curse of any COVID ‘so-called’ vaccine.

With all that in mind, I have no moral alternative but to share this disturbing video. It is from Australia – among the nations to receive some of the worst government infringements of liberty over this manufactured ‘pandemic’. It shows a number of cloaked (for obvious reasons) young Australian (and yes, they do need subtitles unfortunately) nurses, paramedics and medical administrators giving frank personal views from their own experience of the COVID vaccine tsunami wave of deaths and injuries among their vaccinated patients. It is disturbing viewing. I personally recommend that you watch the last six minutes first. If you can’t watch it all the way through, I recommend spending the first few minutes at the start – it then becomes a bit of a traumatic blur – then switch to about half-way through for some more detailed information (as they seem to open up a bit more), some of which may catch your interest, and take it from their as you will.

This is an Odysee video, presumably to make it safe from being removed. Unfortunately that also makes it difficult for me to display it here (which I think is a very wise move). The link below will take you to it directly on the site…

Australian Medical Whistleblowers Speak Out About Horrific Reactions Right After Vaccines – Tim Truth – Odysee

What are we going to do? These young people are risking their careers by speaking out. We need more, doctors in particular, to also do so. There will come a day of reckoning for the evil committed today. Compliance with authoritarian edicts known to be against all that humanity and particularly the medical ethic of ‘First do no harm’, will eventually come with its own personal cost.

Every single citizen – at least all the ‘informed’ ones – and there is no excuse to be uninformed in this age of data communication proliferation, must do what they think is right.

I hope I have convinced you to do the right thing.

…and if you have already taken the jab(s), may your god help you.

I just want to add a rider (as a kind of disclaimer from me) to all that has been said here. I do not know, I have my suspicions of course, but I do not know if the COVID vaccines designed and produced exclusively by some of the what I consider to be more ethical and honest nations, like Russia and China for example (which have distributed their own vaccines mostly freely around the world (mostly without Western acceptance) – in direct contrast to the blatant capitalist greed of the Western nations), can be excluded from the perpetrators of the evil scheme of the West, fostered by the WEF and other maliciously intentioned super-rich individuals and puppet organisations. I would have no doubt on this at all were it not for both Russia and China being so closely linked with the WEF and intimately engaged in their plans. Therein rests my suspicion. I hope, for the world’s sake, that I am wrong. The non-acceptance of the West for these independent vaccines gives me hope.

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