Proof Positive: a) COVID vaccines don’t work, b) vaccinated spread disease c) PCR tests are worthless

Despite a strong suite of multiple PCR tests (which many would now view as being less than worthless) carried out at every stage of travel from Europe to the Belgian Antarctic base, a number of fresh, fully vaccinated researchers have brought the COVID disease to that research base and infected a larger number of also fully vaccinated residents who have been working there for some time in blissful isolation from outside sources of infection.

‘Covid hs reached Antarctica: an outbreak in a Belgian scientific base’ – Breaking Latest News – just the one example, chosen at random without endorsement, out of many written reports on this story

Taking into account all known conditions surrounding this case, is this not conclusive proof that a) COVID vaccines do not work to protect vaccinated individuals from infection, b) fully vaccinated individuals can (through the already known and widely accepted natural spreading of any disease through physical particle shedding) spread the disease to other individuals through close or actual contact – whether vaccinated or not, and c) the now widely accepted knowledge that PCR testing for the disease associated with COVID or any other disease of the respiratory system, is entirely inadmissible as an effective diagnostic tool?

The only correct answer is ‘yes’, when combined with all other collected, unadulterated, and not obfuscated evidence from similar incidents, it is such conclusive proof. That much could have been positively determined many months ago, saving untold lives, unnecessarily injured bodies (many permanently so), much unnecessary incidental physical suffering, ruined lives and livelihoods, and disruption and destruction of many economic structures.

Here’s another example from the same source. A case of a whole base of fully vaccinated US Marines going down with COVID: ‘U.S. troops stationed in Japan can’t hold back the outbreak of the barracks before resuming new crown testing|Okinawa County|U.S. Army|Japan_Sina News’ – Breaking Latest News

It ought to be and probably will ultimately be a criminal matter to be brought before the courts of every nation and internationally that this method of dealing with what amounts to a very mild disease in most cases – not deserving of pandemic status (most deaths and injuries having been caused by the treatment or non-treatment of patients and the misuse of experimental and still unauthorised vaccines) – has been allowed to become the case and continues to be the case even today. Heads must roll – figuratively if not literally – up to and including heads of governments who have colluded with this deception and manipulation (not to mention the torture and murder) of the world’s peoples on an unprecedented scale, led and fed by a scurrilous group of protected miscreants who will be named and eventually punished for devising this diabolical scheme, working towards its fulfillment from at least two decades ago.

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