Rumours of War…

I still want to talk about war, but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet.

Even though all the poster signs, all the voices, all the military movements playing out a colossal chess game across various global hot points, spell out that war is in the air and on people’s minds, there are other currents, less obvious, flowing beneath the overt posturing (by Western nations – and it is only the West we need to be concerned about at the moment as potential instigators), that tell me conflicts of any size which might inflict hurt on humanity generally may exist only in imagination.

The problem is that any ship run by fools, is bound to bump into something else, somehow, somewhere, and at some time.  Accidents happen.

I could be wrong, and I admit that it does appear, given all the evidence, that we are now living in the most dangerous time for such an unimaginable global conflict than has ever existed previously, but let’s consider the reality.

The West is ill-prepared for such a conflict.  They would be going into such a war as underdogs.  Both Russia and China, the two nations at which the West’s narrative most tilts its spears are now light years ahead of any Western nation in both preparation and weaponry.  It is fortunate for the world that these two nations in particular have – contrary to Western propaganda and its own militant activities – never presented themselves as either aggressive or expansionist towards any other nation.  Such thoughts are purely in the imaginations of Western peoples due to belief in their own propaganda. 

The West (which is merely an unfortunate point of the compass now tarnished by cartographical association with belligerence, intolerance, and lack of most other human virtues) has in any case never excelled in winning conflicts where its own forces did not enjoy overwhelming superiority in arms and numbers.  And that is, I think, the biggest deterrent now to any large-scale imminent conflict.  They no longer enjoy such superiority and likely never will do again.

They could not even subdue a small nation like Syria or even muster sufficient of their own forces (being engaged elsewhere) to mount such an effort.  Instead relying on mercenary groups, many of which are recognised terrorist organisations, to make the unsuccessful attempt on their behalf.  Syria still exists today as a proud and sovereign nation currently conducting its regular presidential elections where the current incumbent and much loved President will undoubtedly again be given another 7 year term in the office.  Much to the dismay of the West.  Syria was, to all intents and purposes, the West’s ‘last hurrah’, which has tailed off into a suppressed and bemused silence.  Consoling themselves with their continued regime of raping, looting and destroying that nation in the deserted areas they still control, before they are forced to completely relinquish even that meagre reward of their efforts. The half-hearted attempts to perform recent regime change in Venezuela and Belarus and their long and murderous vendetta against Cuba, are not even worth counting

“Syria All Geared up for Presidential Elections” – Kayhan News, Iran

I think it is now dawning on the foggy minds of the West that their reign of terror is just about over and soon it will also come to their attention that this leaves them in a very precarious position, from which there may be only one path of escape – if combined suicide/fratricide can be classed as a form of escape.  The Pentagon at least knows the dangerous position it is in.  And also suspects, correctly, that they will never be able to catch up, let alone dominate again, no matter how much money (debt) they can throw at it.  Though they will never admit that.  The fading facade of military strength is all they have to rely on now.

“Pentagon Chief Preparing for ‘Very Different’ War” – Kayhan News, Iran

I chose to use these Iranian news links a) because they are well expressed, and b) because Iran, like Russia and China, has also been a bulwark in the global struggle to rid the world – sorry, no, not ‘rid’ but to free the world – of imposed Western hegemony and imperialism.  Simply by peacefully outgrowing the West in strength, stature, and influence.  These three nations in particular are now preferred friends in a majority of other nations.

Might never makes right.  Neither coercion or imposed ideology. But friendship can right many wrongs.

Please note, I am not saying there can be no war.  I fully anticipate there may be something start (and likely also end) before this year runs out.  The madness of men can never be discounted. 

Hmm…  well it seems I have actually talked about war.  But not in the way I imagined.  That may still be yet to come, depending on developments.

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